Get to know the board that will help craft Colorado's psilocybin program under the Natural Medicine Health Act (Proposition 122)
Drug decriminalization expands & draws new criticisms, journalists respond to Oregon psychedelic surveillance plan, chemists opine on secondary patents…
With House Bill 2831, Representative Lily Morgan aim to reinstitute criminal penalties for personal possession of controlled substances such as cocaine…
Through SB 303, Senator Elizabeth Steiner seeks to overturn psilocybin client confidentiality rules days after state health authority adopts them
Sixteen democrats and two republicans are co-sponsoring the Washington Psilocybin Services Wellness and Opportunity Act drafted by Senator Jesse Salomon
Washington, New York, and Illinois unveiled psychedelic laws this month. Other states have proposals in the works.
Psychedelic bill from Senator Jesse Salomon builds on successes and setbacks in Oregon and Colorado.
Microdosing, new exclusion criteria, client data rights, no friends & family (unless they consume psilocybin), high annual fees (except for training…
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