What a great analysis, you must not have slept much last night! Thanks so much!

Final rules bar from employment people who use certain psychiatric medications. Is this discrimination potentially illegal or unconstitutional?

The hearing officer report gives the example that it's ok to have a restaurant with liquor license on the same lot as a service center, so long as they are in separate areas. Does this mean that a service center can also provide ketamine or cannabis therapy, so long as it's in a separate room, or separate building? Would the ketamine need a separate safe from the psilocybin?

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Dec 29, 2022Liked by Mason Marks

Fantastic article Mason! Thanks for taking the time to break down the evolution of 109. Looking forward to the progress ✌🏽🍄

-Courtney, Psanctuary Church

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Dec 28, 2022Liked by Mason Marks

Hi Mason, I'm so glad we got the changes to the data collection that you were so passionately advocating for.

I've not read the whole 100 pages yet, but... the most impactful change for us may be allowing us to use locking commercial refrigerators to store product instead of armored rooms or giant safes. Not very exciting, but it will be helpful for service centers. The microdosing we were hoping for did not go far enough. I don't know if our service center will be able to offer microdosing if we have to require people to stay 30 minutes every time. We'll be discussing it.

Thanks for this review!

Heidi Venture

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First great analysis, I work in the Mental health field as a CADC. Your article brought up more questions than answers for me as to the safety of wholesale use of this powerful drug which acts on each individual in a unique way. My hope is this is not going to be an escalation of drug use as it turned out to be with THC we now have the most powerful products in our society. This is not your Leafy green mild buzz of your grandpa's day its a highly processed powerful drug.

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So interesting - thanks for a great summary! I agree with the OSHA statement intent in their statement: "Animals that are bonded with their owners may behave unpredictably when observing a

client experience the effects of consuming psilocybin products"... but would argue that this behavior is only unpredictable for those unfamiliar with animal behavior and the human-animal bond.

Animals used in animal-assisted therapy or as medical support animal require appropriate, adequate, and continued training.

Is anyone aware of harm and risk reduction education in the works for humans that decide to take a psychedelic substance at home when they share their space with an animal - my team is happy to share what we're working on for the Colorado veterinary community! https://www.veterinarypsy.org/harmreduction

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