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Jun 5, 2023Liked by Mason Marks

Thanks Mason for the detailed comparison of the evolving psychedelics regulatory environment. Very enlightening and much appreciated. Hearing about the potential for conflict between the CO approach and the FDA/Compass Pathways track was very helpful in understanding the way these institutions could have Federal vs State conflicts moving forward, particularly even after FDA approval of psilocybin in some form.

The economics of bringing these services from the “black market” to the “gray market” is definitely a significant concern. When a single psilocybin service experience in Oregon is on par with the cost of a week-long, luxury retreat in Costa Rica, it’s a real challenge for baseline economic viability let alone broader community access to these services.

Looking at the investment side of the local/state services ecosystem, it’s hard to see it as compelling at this point - even excluding risks from Federal/State regulatory conflicts. Hopefully this changes with time.

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